Rusty Quill is available for third-party consultation, production and creative work! You can hire us as a company or any individual member(s) of the creative team to help you set up or distribute a project, as a writer of content or even as a performer depending on the relevant skills needed.

If you think you have a project that you want Rusty Quill to work on then definitely get in contact at:

We offer services in:
• Podcast establishment, development and distribution
• Original film and audio production
• Original music composition
• Copywriting and copy editing
• Screenplay development
• Video and audio editing services
• Guest performers

Plus, we’re always willing to turn our hand at a new project, the more over-ambitious and niche, the better!

All our rates are available on request but larger or more complex projects are normally worked out on a case-by-case basis. Rights and ownership to projects and intellectual property will depend on the nature of our arrangement, all of which will be discussed and made clear before any agreements are entered into.