Kasia Piskorska-Dexter

Piskorska-Dexter, Kasia

Kasia always wanted to solve mysteries, crack codes and discover secrets. She went from wanting to be an archaeologist and dig up Ancient Egyptian artifacts to wanting to be a brilliant detective. However, Indiana Jones made her realise she really can’t work having snakes around, while Hercule Poirot made her see that sleuth brilliance goes with a certain type of moustache and accent.

So instead she decided to help out crack the operational mysteries of Rusty Towers, where she is known for improving or coming up with new internal processes, getting new people on board and giving her opinion on important things, whether she is asked to do so or not.

Kasia spends her free time trying to re-learn Swedish, perfecting her needlepoint, playing games (video, tabletop, mind), and watching Ghost Adventures.