Looking on

It’s time to open those boarded-up windows and let some air into the dusty stacks… For The Magnus Archives is now on YouTube! Hopefully The Archivist will approve of this extra level of backup for the statements.

Welcome to the Rusty Quill YouTube channel where you’ll find, in time, original video content from the Rusty Towers crew as well as being a repository of our back catalogue for both The Magnus Archives and the Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast. The aim is to update weekly until we’re caught up with the current series and then release in step with the podcasts as they air.

We are committed to bringing our content to as many platforms and channels as we can and YouTube is one of the biggest there is. We’re really looking forward to showcasing some video projects down the line and hopefully, with an ad-supported channel, we can get there a little bit quicker. So be sure to like, comment and subscribe to the channel – the more interest there is, the sooner we can have more juicy stuff flowing through them Internet pipes!

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