Fanworks Friday!

It’s time to celebrate the #Magnus community here at Rusty Towers! To everyone out there listening and sharing the podcasts we put out – thank you so much! It’s thanks to you all that we’ve come so far, so quickly.

And there are those of you who have taken further steps, writing reviews, crafting stories, putting together corkboards and forging new outlets for fans to come together and contribute to the conversations. Fandoms are built on these foundations and we’re so lucky to have these shiny, superb pieces.

We start with the #Magnus wiki – a repository of all things statement-related, complete with timeline, for all your red string needs!

Next up, don’t forget you can join up with other fans on the community proboards forums and a dedicated Magnus Archives subreddit.

We’ve also been added to the hallowed rabbit hole that is TV Tropes.

If you fancy some (mostly) fluffy reading, we are stoked to reveal that we actually have fanfic now!

And, of course, there’s the tumblr community, who have been making some very astute observations as of late. Take a peek at:

And for a dose of humour to wash down the horror, take a look at the surprisingly on-the-button, Incorrect Podcast Quotes.

Hope you enjoy this trip around the #Magnus community – maybe it’ll inspire you to craft something too! Let us know if you do 🙂

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