Visiting friends

A welcome Wednesday to you all! Since Rusty Towers isn’t beaming out an episode today, why not check in with some of the friends we’ve made along the way and hear from some of the crew in a different environment. After all, the Podcast General does advise that all podcasters should get some fresh air and a change of scenery from time to time.

So, back in December, the crew had a little outing to Dragonmeet, one of the foremost UK gaming conventions, and joined The Rolistes Podcast and Formal Gamer for some audio shenanigans as part of the Podcast Zone. Tune in to The Formal Gamer’s bonus episodes as both Jonny (Episode 1) and Anil (Episode 4 – joined by RQ fan menacingsibrow) took on their one shot challenge.

For some other general RPG musings and interviews with RQ folk (amongst others), Episode 18 (all parts) of The Rolistes Podcast is well worth a listen! And as part of his interview-based drama series, The Family Tree, Dave Pickering talked to the crew about fantasy gaming and the conflicts between tabletop and live-action.

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