Archives accessibility

Having launched the Rusty Quill Patreon yesterday to great response (thank you so much to everyone who has already contributed), we’ve had some important feedback which leads us to re-evaluate part of the offering. These comments have indicated how useful transcripts of The Magnus Archives are to members of our audience who are hearing-impaired, so we’ve decided to make the transcripts freely available to everyone. Accessible, large-print versions of the transcripts will be posted on our Patreon feed for all to enjoy and Deluxe versions are being worked on for $10+ patrons.

Apologies to any of our $5 patrons who pledged specifically for the transcripts; we hope you understand our decision to be more accessible. You’ll still get early access to ad-free episodes (as a bonus we’ll upload the most recent #Magnus and #RQGaming episodes tomorrow and future new episodes will be added as we finish editing them). Likewise, we have some WIP art for the #RQGaming merchandise which will be heading your way soon!

If you have any other comments or questions about accessibility, do let us know, and thanks so much for listening and supporting Rusty Quill!

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