Gift Shoppe is open!

Welcome dear visitors to the hallowed halls of Rusty Towers and I am very pleased to announce that, following some extensive remodelling and arduous posing (just between us, Sir Bertrand can be a bit… particular about his image), we can now join the ranks of stately institutions everywhere. Yes, our Gift Shoppe is now open!

For all your Rusty Quill merch needs, we have set up a storefront at Redbubble where you can purchase a wide variety of clothing, stationery and household goods all bearing the wonderful images of the cast of the Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast, as fantastically illustrated by Anna Landin. There are 13 different pieces (including 3 most adorable ones of Brutor in costume) which can go on any item the store offers, from duvet covers and dresses to T-shirts and travel mugs!

We are still waiting on final images for logos and The Magnus Archives but rest assured they will be incoming soon.

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