The crew is going on an expedition! We’re venturing out from Rusty Towers this weekend (August 4-6th) into the wilds of West London and NineWorlds 2017, the best and most-inclusive celebration of all things geeky that London has to offer. And, what’s more, we’ve got the great honour of co-running the Gaming Lounge (Cognac room) and the Roleplaying Corner therein (details below).

In addition to the gaming room, you can find the following crew at specific times, namely:

Lydia Nicholas (aka Sasha Rackett, Melanie King)

– Guest player on Chaotic Adequate podcast – Friday, 1.30pm, Bouzy

– Guest player on Dr Magnethands – Friday, 8.30pm, Bordeaux

Anil Godigamuwe (Community Manager)
– Performer (Poet) in the Bifröst Cabaret – Saturday, 7.45pm, Cremant

In the Roleplaying Corner, Alex Newall (aka fearless leader, Martin), Jonny Sims (writer/performer, The Magnus Archives) and Anil Godigamuwe will be joined by RQ Friends Grant Howitt and Sasha McKenna to run a variety of RPGs throughout the weekend. Games being run are: NineWorlds RQ RPG Schedule

If you’re heading to NineWorlds this weekend (and tickets are still available), do pop by and say Hi! We’re always happy to meet fans and you might also spot a wild Bryn Monroe (Hamid) strolling the halls…

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