Introducing Blogs

We will shortly be launching blogs. Blogs will be a more discussion, entertainment and perspectives based section of the website to compliment our popular news section.

I’ve been working on introducing blogs for a couple of months now where I plan to present you articles by Rusty Quill staff ranging from serious perspectives to personal insights from pop culture blogs to essays and everything in between.

You can count on a Top 10 Videogames, Top 10 Horror Films, Top 10 Fiction Podcasts, Top 10 Table Top Roleplaying Games, Top 10 Eurogames and more coming from me and I’m working on getting all your most beloved Rusty Towers staff to do the same and more!

I hope you will enjoy this blog section as much as I’ve enjoyed preparing it for you!

Cal Dougherty, CMO for Rusty Quill

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