A grand weekend of viewing!

Hey folks!

It’s a really busy weekend here at Rusty Towers! What with Virtual Horror Con (#VHC), our own RQ Streams and various crew streams, you’re gonna have a lot to choose from for your viewing pleasure.

First off, in just over 2 hrs (8am EST / 1pm BST), the fine folks at Gehenna Gaming bring us the world’s first virtual horror gaming convention – #VHC – with a weekend of great panels, interviews and games streamed direct to your homes! Full details HERE and Rusty Quill is very pleased to be supporting this initiative, especially as all donations & game ticket sales will be going to the WHO COVIC-19 Solidarity Response Fund. And not only can you see a number of the RQ Crew over the weekend, but also fantastic contributions from RQ Friends like Jacqueline Bryk, Jacob Burgess and Darker Days Radio!

Where can you find all this?
All VHC panels will be streamed at www.twitch.tv/gehennagaming and we’ll look to host on the RQ Twitch channel where we can as well.
The VHC showcase games will be streamed at www.youtube.com/Gehennagaming
RQ Streams broadcasts at www.twitch.tv/rusty_quill
Individual crew channels linked below.

All times here are UK time / BST

Saturday 4th April
12 – 3pm  Helen GouldCooking stream
3 – 7pm  (RQ Streams) Mike LeBeau plays… War Thunder
8 – 9pm  (VHC) Sasha SiennaUsing Humour in Horror (Panel)

Sunday 5th April
1 – 3pm  (VHC) Lydia Nicholas, Helen Gould, Ben Meredith, Frank VossChronicles of Darkness AP (Showcase Game with GM Tamshu, Black Death Chronicles)
3 – 4pm  (VHC) Alexander J Newall & Jonathan Sims – The Magnus Archives Interview with Gehenna Gaming (Panel)
4 – 6pm  (RQ Streams) Mike LeBeau & Anil Godigamuwe – Video Games Chat (Sandbox Sunday)
6.30 – 10pm  Anil GodigamuweThe Witcher TRPG AP (with HIntPlays, GM Druttercup)
8pm onwards  Jonathan Sims – Bloodborne stream
10 – 11pm  (VHC) Helen GouldModernising Call of Cthulhu (Panel)

Monday 6th April
1 – 2am  (VHC) Mike LeaBeau – Actual Plays: Streaming & podcasting for an audience (Panel)



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