Rusty Quill signs with WME!

Hey folks,

It’s safe to say 2020 hasn’t been the best of years for the entertainment and media production industry. In an industry that relies on people coming together to make things, while distanced operations have opened up some new opportunities, many have found it difficult, even in the podcasting space. And Rusty Quill hasn’t been immune to that, though we’ve done our best to keep putting out quality content.

This is why we’re extremely pleased to announce that Rusty Quill has signed with WME, one of the world’s largest talent and representation agencies, in what is a landmark deal for us, and UK independent podcasting as a whole. Click here to see the full press release.

WME, who represent some of the best-known and most talented creatives in the world, are very interested in our proven ability to generate interesting, popular shows, and will be helping us grow even further and get the best out of what we produce, as we look for new prospects in the years ahead.

What this means is that, at least for the next few years, Rusty Quill’s future is brighter than ever. It means more opportunities and security for our crew, performers and production folks alike. It means new avenues of adventure are open to us, the possibility of expanding into things like TV, film, comics and games. It means we can make good on our desires for development to bring through new and underrepresented talent and voices. It means we’re excited to see what we can do for audio drama in the UK and the wider industry!

We can assure you Rusty Quill is still an independent production company and network – we have not given up any stake in the company. We retain full control of our decision-making, our development strategy and our creative output including all the shows you already know and love. Furthermore any projects that come from this deal, must have our sign-off and approval before they can be allowed to proceed, thereby safeguarding our creative integrity.

While there should be little change to our current line-up, there is a lot that is going to take place behind-the-scenes at Rusty Towers to make sure we can take full advantage of what’s to come. New faces, new shows, new roles, new plans, new ways of doing things.

Which is why we’re also announcing a wide-ranging Operations Update, that will publish outcomes publicly in September. This review will include things like show development plans, a critical content review of our shows, and improved charitable giving and social responsibility plans.

As ever, we thank you for your generosity of support and patience as we spin up new things and move into a bright new era for Rusty Quill!

Anil Godigamuwe
Community Manager

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