Rusty Quill Company Census 2021

Rusty Quill has today published its first RQ Census, as part of our commitment outlined in the Operations Update last year.

This document can be found Here

Our goal is to be as transparent as is feasible to ensure that our intentions for the future of the business and its communities are clear to everyone. This is why we are releasing this document publicly.

This census will also give us a benchmark to measure ourselves against for the future so that we can see how well we are fulfilling our core values of Opportunity, Representation, Community, Diversity, and Responsibility.

We are extremely grateful to our employees for responding to our census and volunteering their information to be used for this document to help keep us accountable and transparent.

We believe that diversity is never ‘done’. Humanity is boundless, and as such, we can never represent every experience in just one company; but we will continue to do our best.

If you have any feedback you would like us to consider regarding this document, please feel free to send it to

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