Rusty Gallery voting!

It’s voting time folks! That’s right, the winners of our community fanart contest, Rusty Gallery, are in your hands. We had over a hundred entries and narrowing them down to our shortlists certainly proved difficult with such fantastic talent on display. Thank you to everyone who submitted, it was a joy to see all the enthusiasm and love for our shows!

After much consideration, a shortlist for each show has been determined… and efforts were so good that we’ve decided to expand the number of finalists in each category to 5 for Rusty Quill Gaming & Stellar Firma, and to 6 for The Magnus Archives.

Below, you can find a list of the shortlisted entries for each category, along with the artist’s name and Twitter handle (where provided; clicking on the link or image will open the fanart full size), and then link to a voting form for each category below the gallery (voting form opens in a new tab). Please only vote once per category. Voting will be open until 1pm BST on Monday 5th April, 2021. Once we’ve contacted the winners, then we’ll announce the results on our social media.

Good luck to all the nominees!


Rusty Quill Gaming

Themes: Dover & The Channel / Rome (Ancient or Modern) / Japan

A) Aaren (@DevilCerulean) – “The Crew of the Vengeance”
B) cocoabats (@cocoabats)
C) Kiera (@KieraW_S)
D) Liv Collins (@livjnoodles) – “Cel’s Home”
E) Merle (@_kubo_kubo_) – “Separated”

Voting Form for Rusty Quill Gaming category:
The Magnus Archives

Themes: Dreamer (MAG011) / The New Door (MAG047) / The Masquerade & Stranger and Stranger (MAG118-119)

A) Becca Snow (@composerpolice)
B) Cael Lyons (@kingcael) – “Eternal Sleep”
C) Lee Banister (@d_banister) – “Helen’s Escape”
D) Mariana Scherer (@schereeer)
E) Ollie Morgen (@o_mrgn)
F) SternStundenSpirale (@sternspirale)

Voting Form for The Magnus Archives category:
Stellar Firma

Themes: Vents and Labyrinths (STL11) / Planets and Protagonists (STL35) / Cafés and Camouflage (STL51)

A) Hila (@HilaSketchCat)
B) Jamie (@_angelcosmos_)
C) Kamilla Kitaeva
D) SandyXandy
E) Simon (@peoplecompute)

Voting Form for Stellar Firma category:

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