New brand and new business line marks new chapter for Rusty Quill

Today, we launch Rusty Quill Podcast Network. RQ Network is a podcast network by podcasters for podcasters, featuring creators outside of our regular docket of shows. As part of RQ Network, creators are offered distribution, marketing and advertising. Designed to champion the best in audio drama and audio fiction podcasting, RQ Network is an inclusive platform for new and diverse voices in the audio space.

RQ Network launches May 10th with five free to listen audio drama podcasts, including:

  • Cryptids, produced by Wild Obscura, Devin Shepherd, Gabriel Rosenstein and Nora Unkel. Written by Alexander V. Thompson. Directed by Devin Shepherd. 
  • The Deca Tapes, written and directed by Lex Noteboom
  • How It Ends, written and directed by Micah Jones Rodriguez and Stephanie Resendes
  • Old Gods of Appalachia, a production of DeepNerd Media written and directed by Steve Shell and Cam Collins
  • The Storage Papers, written and directed by Jeremy Enfinger

“RQ Network will launch regular waves of content. This first wave is themed around cosmic horror, mystery and found footage… Future content waves seek to focus on comedy, action and more,” said Chief Marketing Officer Callum Dougherty “It has been a real labour of love pulling together a cohesive collection of the best audio drama content for your listening pleasure.”

To celebrate the addition of RQ Network to business operations, we have also refreshed our branding. At the heart of the redesign is a reimagining of the Rusty Quill logo, now streamlined and animated, breathing new life into the brand just ahead of its sixth anniversary. We hired the exemplary services of Guerilla Communications, a Newcastle Upon Tyne-based design and marketing agency to realise the vision.

“This rebrand showcases who Rusty Quill is and where we are going… together with the launch of our latest venture RQ Network, our passions, values and what we bring to the table are now evident for all to see. This is only the beginning,” said COO, Hannah Brankin.

“Rusty Quill always strives to represent the world of Indie storytelling on the main stage while staying true to our values. RQ Network is no exception, and we look forward to welcoming new waves of talent into our fold.”

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