Transcript Mini Update Monday 27th of September 2021

Hello Folks,

We recently committed to providing weekly updates on our progress on creating transcripts for our current backlog of shows and for future Rusty Quill content. We will endeavor to make these updates on Mondays both on our website and in the Patreon newsletter.

Many thanks for your patience and support so far. Here is the first update!

Transcript Update 27/09/2021:

Work on the specific transcription of Rusty Quill Gaming has proved more complex than accounted for in earlier estimates we received and we have committed extra funds and resources to the transcription of this particular podcast.

We are pleased to say that that this week we have received completed transcripts back for all newly completed episodes of the new Enthusigasm. These are now being checked internally ahead of the launch of the public show.

We have also this past fortnight streamlined a process of sharing newly completed episodes with a transcription company using FTP servers for the efficient and secure sharing of large files.

We will update you all again next week,

The Rusty Quill Team

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