Announcing Rusty Fears 5 winners

Rusty Fears 5: element of fear

The seasons are changing, pumpkin spice and a familiar sense of fear and trepidation is in the air… it must be October, the most frightful of months. As we prepare for Hallowe’en, there’s no better time to announce the winners for Rusty Fears 5.

We asked writers across the world to send in their best, new, original short horror stories, inspired by one of five prompts:

  1. It came from below
  2. Hooked
  3. Out of place
  4. High stakes
  5. Spark of life

These themes certainly provided the elements required to build horrifying tales and carefully crafted chronicles of creeping dread. Thank you to everyone who sent in stories – you certainly gave our panel of judges a difficult job, as the quality of submissions was extremely high.

The judging panel this year consisted of:

  • Hattie Quinlan
  • Rhys Tirado
  • Helen Gould

However, after much deliberation and discussion, the judges finally selected five talented winners.

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for:

  • Matrim Tait for Inheritance
  • Sarina H for Casting Line
  • Josefin Berntsson for Derailing
  • Cormack Baldwin for Final Sale of the Remaining Works of E. Cutler
  • Jennifer Hunt for Tower

These stories will now undergo the Rusty Quill treatment for a dramatic reading and broadcast. Stay tuned to The Magnus Archives feed to hear the final productions, starting on 7th October 2021.

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