Transcript Mini Update Four – 18th of October 2021

Hi there folks,

Here is our fourth weekly transcript update.

Update 18/10/2021:

Enthusigasm continues to launch with transcripts, and we hope you like the new format! We’ve been impressed by how closely a single page matches approximately 1 minute of audio, like in a film or theatre script. This was a particular accessibility goal we had set, as this format can make it easier to follow and pick things back up if you stop reading in the middle of an episode. The transcripts of both episodes releasing this week are now complete, and the audio of two more episodes are already in the hands of the transcription company.

We have 40 transcripts in our new house style completed for Rusty Quill Gaming so far, though they will need a review for quality before release. The transcript company seem to be making great progress towards completing all of the main series episodes in December, so we can aim for a planned January release.

We will provide another update next week!

We really appreciate your support,

Rusty Quill Team

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