Rusty Quill Transcript Mini Update 8

Hi there folks,

Here is our eighth weekly transcript update.

Update 15/11/2021:

This week we assembled a team from within Rusty Quill to work on reformatting Stellar Firma and The Magnus Archives transcripts into our standard template. This team will also work on updating content warnings on these transcripts, initially focussing on The Magnus Archives, so we can release these with fulsome and, where necessary, updated content warnings for our planned January release.

Enthusigasm continues to launch with transcripts.

Finally, we are working on an itinerary of Rusty Quill Gaming transcripts with the transcription company. This will confirm that we are on target for the planned January release date and catch any missed transcripts.

We will provide another update next week.

We really appreciate your support,

Rusty Quill Team

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