Rusty Quill Mini Transcript Update 11

Hi folks!

Here is our Eleventh weekly transcript update.

Update 06/12/2021:

Enthusigasm continues to release on time with transcripts.

Our chosen transcription company now has all 218 episodes of Rusty Quill Gaming, and over 160 are completed and received. Whilst these transcripts are generally good, we do want to take the time to let you know that there are likely to be some small errors, particularly related to gaming jargon and confusion over who is speaking (especially during cross talk).

We will be releasing the transcripts in January but we will endeavor to make amendments and improvements after the initial public launch as errors are identified. However, the transcripts are high quality and the error rate is still well within the generally accepted range for paid transcription work on complex improvised speech of this kind.

We’ll publish another post on transcripts next week, and as always, we really appreciate your support.

The Rusty Quill team

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