Rusty Quill Launches a Brand-New Website!

We’re delighted to announce our brand-new website! This long-overdue update has all the same Rusty Quill content you love, but with a new user-friendly layout and style. Designed to be a hub of all things Rusty Quill, the new website will now grow as we do; as we create new RQ Originals and expand the RQ Network and add transcripts each week, it’ll remain easy-to-navigate and full of RQ information. We’ve also taken steps to improve page accessibility, though there will be further accessibility modifications over time. We have not implemented these immediately to ensure that the new website was working properly before we introduced this additional accessibility functionality. If you have any feedback or concerns, please email  

When we launched our new branding in May last year, we knew that we wanted a website to match it, but a website is more than just looks; it’s about functionality. We wanted the new to be a one-stop area for fans and creators alike to easily listen to shows, find resources including transcripts, catch up with the latest news, and shop for merchandise.  

Speaking of transcripts, we’ve been working round the clock to get over 500 transcripts ready for this launch and are very proud that we’ve managed to get many of these transcripts sourced, checked, and formatted to date. These include transcripts for Rusty Quill Gaming, The Magnus Archives, Stellar Firma, Inexplicables and Enthusigasm. We are actively still working on transcripts, and you may notice that over the next few weeks some are switched out, added or updated – our focus has been on ensuring that there is something available, even if it’s not quite perfect. Due to the complexity of the transcription, as well as the recent reformatting, these transcripts may include some specific errors. You can use the error form here to highlight any issues or raise any concerns. You can find transcript links on every show’s page – so, for example, if you’re looking for Stellar Firma transcripts, head over to

For a quick tour of our new and improved hub, first take a look at the homepage, where you’ll find easy links to all RQ Original and RQ Network shows and scroll through the latest episodes.  

Every show page now has expanded information on each show, including links to transcripts (if available), reviews and awards won! We also have new pages on how best to support us, a timeline of the history of Rusty Quill and information on Rusty Quill’s company values. Finally, you can find our news page, where we share regular blogs and updates about the company.  

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