Rusty Quill Transcript Update 19

Hi folks!

Here is our Nineteenth Mini Transcript update.

Update 07/02/2022:

All going well, transcripts will be released next week.

Due to the nature of 3rd party transcription services and the complexity of the transcription and the recent reformatting these transcripts may include some specific errors. You can use the error form here to highlight any issues or raise any concerns –

We have currently completed 72 Stellar Firma transcript reformats.

The Magnus Archives is fully allocated and we are working to get all 200 main series episodes completely reformatted as soon as possible.

Rusty Quill Gaming is transcribed though some episodes need some further work and/or need double checked.

We are working tirelessly to have these ready for release.

Also great news our new upcoming video project will release with transcripts!

The Rusty Quill team

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