Rusty Quill Transcript Update 20

Hi folks!

Here is our Twentieth Mini Transcript update. We are writing an additional update.

Update Nineteen was set to be our final update as we are waiting on some third party DNS server to launch our transcripts along with some other improvements to the website we can talk about more later on.

In the name of transparency we’ve brought these updates back. In this instance it was geneuinely no fault of our team and again apologies for last weeks delay. We did believe they would launch last week. They may still launch at any point this week. However, if by Friday they have not launched we will make links and distribute them on our social media.

Update 21/02/2022:

We are waiting on transcripts to release. That is a purely technical hosting related issue and we anticipated they would launch last week.

We have currently completed Stellar Firma transcript reformats. Though their may still be minor tweaks after release mostly for consistency rather than for corrections.

The Magnus Archives S1, S4 and S5 are complete. S2 and S3 are partially complete but should be completed within the week. We will release as is but there may still be some tweaks for consistency etc.

Rusty Quill Gaming is fully transcribed though some episodes will need some further work and further checks post release.

Also great news our new video project New Player Challenges launched with transcripts!

The Rusty Quill team

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