Transcript Weekly Transcript update: 28/02/22 

This will be our final weekly transcript update. However, we may still post updates from time to time as transcripts are an ongoing process. 
There are now transcripts available for Rusty Quill Gaming, The Magnus Archives, Stellar Firma, Inexplicables and Enthusigasm. 
We are still actively working on transcripts, and you may notice that over the next few weeks some are switched out, added or updated. Our focus has been on ensuring that there is something available. Due to the complexity of the transcription, as well as the recent reformatting, these transcripts may include some specific errors. You may also use the error form to highlight any issues or raise any concerns. 

You can find transcripts links on every show’s page – so, for examples, if you’re looking for Stellar Firma transcripts, head over to

You can take a look at our new website at and read more about the website update in our blog. 
New Player Challenges, Enthusigasm and the new Compulsory Film Appreciation will release with transcripts. 
This concludes our final weekly transcript update. Thanks again for your patience with us!

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