Neon Inkwell: A new anthology podcast from Rusty Quill

Neon Inkwell, created by showrunner Elizabeth Moffatt, is a home for short-form audiodrama, introducing listeners to new and underrepresented creators (as well as a few familiar faces). Each self-contained series will be between three and eight and showcases writers from around the world. Executive Producers are Alexander J Newall and April Sumner.

Whether it’s a post-apocalyptic space thriller or a quirky monster road trip, there will always be something new to discover, with show genres including mystery, horror and magical realism. Neon Inkwell is perfect for existing fans of Rusty Quill Original podcasts and RQ Network, as well as attracting new listeners. Below, we’ll share a sneak preview of the first four series featuring on the feed.

Firstly, ‘Of That Colossal Wreck’, science fiction with a horror twist, by some familiar names for fans of The Magnus Archives: Sasha Sienna and Jonathan Sims. When five artificially grown people awaken on an abandoned space station long after the extinction of humanity, they must confront their purpose, their future and the carnivorous alien beings which have taken over the facility.

‘Broken Hearted Monsters’, created by Shane Ormond and Morgan Ormond, is a road trip like no other. When Dr. Frankenstein suddenly passes away, his creature must make the cross-country road trip for his funeral, accompanied by his ex-boyfriend, Dracula.

The Pit Below Paradise’, created by J. Evelyn Gaskell, is a coming-of-age story. In the months before his prophesied demise, a cult sacrifice accidentally builds a close relationship with a former gravedigger, with neither aware of the others’ strong ties to death.

Welcome to Foster’s’, created by Imogen Cassidy. In an alternate Sydney, Australia, a small-time private consulting wizard and her new apprentice attempt to keep the business afloat by removing magical pests, dispersing restless spirits and tracking down a group of necromancers out to take over the world.

There are more series in the pipeline, so keep an eye on our social media pages for further updates and announcements. You can find out more about Neon Inkwell on the Neon Inkwell show page:

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