Trice Forgotten sets sail: 2nd August 2022

Trice Forgotten, a new nautical epic podcast from Rusty Quill, will officially launch on 2nd August 2022.

Following Captain Alestes and her crew, Trice Forgotten explores the stories of those often forgotten by history. Alestes keeps her head down, ferrying passengers and cargo across the seas. But, as her passengers become crew, she has a choice: build a safe harbour or drown in a seas of excuses.

Creator and lead writer, Nemo Martin said of the project:

“The nautical epic genre has always glorified colonial natural history endeavours where race, gender, science and power continue to be deeply entwined. It was important to me to write Trice Forgotten as an ode to nineteenth-century gender non-conforming scientists of colour so that we celebrate the exploits and achievements of those continually made forgotten. I hope that curiosity and passion for research are ignited by this anti-colonial epic; and that people are as excited as me for the weird fish facts, pirate heists and high-octane sea-monster quests!”

Nemo Martin

Today we’re delighted to release the first-look trailer for this pelagic, piratical podcast. You can find it wherever you find your podcasts or you can play it on Acast now. Please note, that some podcast players take longer than others to pick up brand-new shows.

As well as the main story of the show, we’ll also be releasing regular episodes which explore the historical context of the show, highlighting the real lives that inspired this epic. The first episode of Trice Forgotten: Below Decks will release on 9th August.

We’re so proud of this show, and want to take this moment to give a shout-out and thanks to the talented folks who have worked on Trice Forgotten.

Trice Forgotten stars:

Rebecca Brough as Captain Alestes
Vic Zander as Baker
Shahan Hamza as Sivapathasundaram “Siva”
Gigi Zahir as Noor Manaan
Ashley Goh as Inez de Luna
Naomi Bartoo as Pham Thi Ahn
Fay Roberts as William Henry Blair
Tim Meredith as Gammon
Lowri Ann Davies as Mary Peters
Jon Chew as Zhu Ahnran

Executive Producers Alexander J Newall & April Sumner

Created by Nemo Martin

Directed by Rafaella Marcus

Written by Nemo Martin, Morgan Givens, and Rafaella Marcus

Produced by Ian Geers and Production Manager Natasha Johnston

Creative Consultation by Morgan Givens

Historical Consultation by Dr. Nira Wickramasinghe

Sensitivity Consultation by Salt and Sage

Linguistic Consultants Yen Ooi, Rumzi Yousef, and Ella Martin

Dialogue Editor – Nico Vettese

Sound Designer – Maddy Searle

Sound Designer – Katharine Seaton

Mastering Editor – Cathy Rinella

Music by Sam Jones

Art by Guerilla Communications

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