The Magnus Archives Fanfiction Showcase

As a result of the incredible goals reached through the recent The Magnus Protocol Kickstarter, we reached the stretch goal of a live fanfiction showcase!  So, Rusty Quill are inviting fans to send in their own fanfiction based on The Magnus Archives, for creator of The Magnus Protocol Alexander J Newall and Jonathan Sims to read live on stream.  

Please read the following carefully if you plan to submit your work for this livestream. 

Terms and Conditions 

  • This competition will close on Friday 3rd March 2023.
  • Please fill in this form to submit your fanfiction. 
  • Entrants must be 18 or over. 
  • Entries must be submitted in Google Docs format or via a similarly accessible link.  (E.g. a link to a pdf in Google Drive).  The document should contain the extract/s you would like read, and a link to the fanfiction on AO3/Tumblr etc if applicable. 
  • If a submitted link is inaccessible to the Rusty Quill team, the entry will be deemed invalid.  Ensure you set the document’s access to ‘anyone with the link’ from settings in Google Docs. 
  • Please only submit fanfiction for The Magnus Archives. Fanfiction featuring other creative works, including crossovers, won’t be valid.
  • Any fanfiction sent in must be self-nominated.  Please do not send in any work that you did not personally write. 
  • Extracts must be between 200 and 500 words long. The winning stories will be read on stream, so we can’t accept 100,000 word epics!
  • We will not be accepting any fanfiction containing mature themes, explicit content or anything otherwise “Not Safe For Work” content, or RPF (Real Person Fiction) content. 
  • Please be aware that your chosen extract may not be read in full on the stream, and be aware that live reading can sometimes lead to mispronunciation or slight variations on the text given! 
  • Similarly, you are welcome to submit multiple extracts, but due to the anticipated high volume of submissions, they may not all be read on stream. 
  • If you have any questions, please email  


  1. Does the fanfiction have to be written specifically for this livestream, or can it be something I’ve already written and published? 
    Either is fine; please just ensure that if it’s a piece that is already posted somewhere online that you provide a link to the full work. 
  1. Can the fanfiction feature shipping?  
    It can, so long as there is no mature content in the extract you would like read. 
  1. The extract I want to share comes from a fanfiction that’s rated E on AO3, but the extract itself doesn’t have any of that – is it still fine to enter the competition?  
    Yes, that’s fine; we can provide content warnings on stream if needed. 
  1. Can the fanfiction be alternate universe/canon divergence/fix-it/insert fanfic trope here  
    Yes, that’s fine. 
  1. Can the fanfiction include own characters. 
    Yes, it can. 
  1. Can the fanfiction be a crossover with another show? 
    For this livestream we ask that the fanfiction just be based on The Magnus Archives
  1. Can the fanfiction be in another language?  
    Unfortunately we can’t accept entries not written in English as the winners will be read out on stream. 
  1. Can my fanfiction include swearing? 
    Yes, it can. 
  1. Can my fanfiction be about characters other than Jon and Martin?  
    Yes, that’s fine. 
  1. Should I provide content warnings? 
    Feel free to, but it isn’t a requirement. 

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