Anil Godigamuwe

Godigamuwe, Anil

Wit, raconteur, after-dinner skydiver-for- hire… our itinerant wordslinger (aka Community Manager and Communications Officer) is none of these things and more! But what he is – probably – is a poet, gamer of most stripes, board games enthusiast and casual MTG spellsman, queer baker wastrel and picker-up of unconsidered millefeuilles just trying to make his way in a diceless world.

After discovering AD&D as a teenager, he quickly stepped through the looking glass with barely a glance back. He’s dipped his toes into most roleplaying pools as a player but these days prefers running games or crafting stories, usually with more plot threads and political machinations than his players can shake a Staff of Power at. And a cast of hundreds. Literally. Like, one campaign he ran had over 150 named NPCs, tracked on a Dramatis Personae list.

As a poet, Anil’s performed at Stand Up Tragedy, Incite, NineWorlds Geek Convention, book launches and in Vogon Poetry slams. His work has been included in Poems for the Queer Revolution (2015) and the indie roleplaying game, Lovecraftesque (2016). You can find him managing the various Rusty Quill online presences or on his own Twitter @godigumdrop.