April Sumner (She/Her): Executive of Production

April Sumner

April has a very… eclectic background. Mostly because she has trouble staying still. She was born and raised in Texas, but nowadays it’s hard to find her in a single place for more that two years.

When she’s not escaping into a myriad of fantasy books or movies, she’s drawing or writing. Her 3 great loves of media, culture, and outlandish nonsense were what inspired her to get a Masters of Science in Film Production.

She traveled round-and-round on a boat for a while, taking pictures and shooting videos of a lot of places before returning to the States to plot her solo invasion of England (which was always her favorite)

She discovered Rusty Quill from a blog post about the Magnus Archives, and after binging the series in less than 5 days, she knew there was something special. She promptly sent an email with her resume to Rusty Towers in the vague hope that maybe someday, someone would read it. 4 months later, they did.

You can occasionally find her on Social Media as her alter-ego: Vera Rae @VeraRaeArt