April Sumner’s Testimonials

It’s heartbreaking that some people try to see the worst on the surface without understanding the depth and real people behind the shell. RQ does their best every day with what they have. Even when it’s not a lot, I have never seen a team pull together as this one does. Leadership at RQ will always be first to take cuts or work overtime to reduce the effect external forces have on others. It’s heartbreaking when it spills over but you’ll not find another team that is more willing to help.

We have a group of very neurodiverse, uniquely talented people who care deeply for one another and the projects we make. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and while things get tough we all band and brace it together we recognize each other’s weaknesses and strengths, sometimes that’s communication, or working a particular problem well beyond what most people will think is reasonable. It’s not perfect but we talk to each other and we work as a team.

Those are the things that make us who we are and what we cherish in each other. Those are the things that look so different from the outside but really count on the inside.

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