Callum Dougherty (He/Him): Chief Marketing Officer/ Founder of RQ Network

Callum is a C-suite senior staff member responsible for all inbound and outbound marketing, advertising, sales and PR Strategy. Both for the company and our shows. Callum founded the RQ Network a podcast network by podcasters for podcasters. 

He can be reached on  

Social media handles:  

If you were a wrestler what would be your entrance theme song?   

Either Just The Beginning by Kamen Rider Girls as written for the TV show Kamen Rider Wizard or Journey Through The Decade by Gackt as written for the TV show Kamen Rider Decade. My rationale is I’m a big wrestling “Mark” and I love tokusatsu hero programs. If I wrestled I’d want to get myself booked on shows that do Lucha Libre and Puroresu style wrestling with a tokusatsu gimmick featuring fully stylised hero armour and helmet. Either of those songs would ramp that gimmick up to eleven.  

What is your favourite musical instrument and why?   

Synthesizer. I’m a multi-instrumentalist who gave up much of their playing to focus on writing and creating music with Synthesizers. If Synthesizer doesn’t count then Hammered Dulcimer.