Helen Gould (He/She/They): Head of Inclusion

Helen is the Head of Inclusion for Rusty Quill, which means that she helps us avoid causing harm or perpetuating discrimination against marginalised people through our content or business practices. 

She is also the voice of Azu in Rusty Quill Gaming, Laverne in The Magnus Archives, and Enola in Stellar Firma, as well as the showrunner and host of our upbeat chatshow Enthusigasm. 

In her rare and valuable spare time, Helen enjoys watching horror movies (especially ones about the supernatural), playing chilled out video games, and reading interesting fiction. 

If you were a wrestler what would be your entrance theme song?   

The Nazgul theme from Howard Shore’s soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings.  

What is your favourite TV show?  

I have a lot of favourites because I watch a lot of TV (and yet am somehow always missing out on several shows), but the one that stands out for me is NBC’s Hannibal. I think it’s an extraordinary piece of work, and I’m not sure I’ll ever see anything like it again. It has, in my view, one of the most perfect endings in television history.