Katie Seaton (She/Her): Senior Audio Editor

I am a producer and audio assistant with Rusty Quill. My job currently involves keeping Stellar Firma running smoothly, as well as helping out with ad hoc sound tasks on a company-wide basis.

Outside of Rusty Quill I work as a freelance composer and sound designer, and am one of the three artists who comprise Inscape Animations, who use film to explore complex ideas about being a human, and to challenge xenophobic narratives.

I’m also the mum of two children. @katieseaton9 is my Twitter handle. My place to live for a year would be the Tibetan Plateau, called the ‘roof of the world,’ looking down on everything from a quiet, high place. And if I could be an animal, it would of course have to be a domestic cat. Then I too could lie on a cushion under a radiator while my humans leave for work at 6.30am on a wet December morning.