Tom Park (He/Him): Network Liaison

Tom Park is the Network Liaison for the RQ Network and is dedicated to facilitating all its members to push their shows forward. This could be anything from problem solving issues members have through to searching for new business opportunities for them.

Tom has been having geeky fun since before he started larping 25 years ago, since then he’s just taken it even further as a few examples he has studied HEMA, Airsoft, trained and coached AIPSC, and became the first UK champion of HADO.

You’re going sail around the world, what’s the name of your boat?

“Astarte” – (ancient goddess of love and war) because my dad owned a boat with this name but also because I enjoy a bit of 40k.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

“Practice makes permanent not Perfect” – If you want to train something try to train it correctly to start with it will make things easier overall.