Announcing Rusty Fears 5 winners

The seasons are changing, pumpkin spice and a familiar sense of fear and trepidation is in the air… it must be October, the most frightful of months. As we prepare for Hallowe’en, there’s no better time to announce the winners for Rusty Fears 5. We asked writers across the world to send in their best, new, original short horror stories, inspired by one of five prompts: It came from below Hooked Out of place High stakes Spark of life These themes certainly provided the elements required to build horrifying tales and carefully crafted chronicles of creeping dread. Thank you to everyone who sent in stories – you certainly gave our panel of judges a difficult job, as the quality of submissions was extremely high. The judging panel this year consisted of: Hattie Quinlan Rhys Tirado Helen Gould However, after much deliberation and discussion, the judges finally selected five talented winners. CONGRATULATIONS are in order for: Matrim Tait for Inheritance Sarina H for Casting Line Josefin Berntsson for Derailing Cormack Baldwin for Final Sale of the Remaining Works of E. Cutler Jennifer Hunt for Tower These stories will now undergo the Rusty Quill treatment for a dramatic reading and broadcast. Stay tuned to The Magnus Archives feed to hear the final productions, starting on 7th October 2021.

Transcript Mini Update Monday 4th of October 2021

Hello Folks, We recently committed to providing weekly updates on our progress creating transcripts, and we’re pleased to say that things have been going well recently. We have been working solidly to achieve our goals of creating good transcript templates, engaging professional service providers, and setting up effective working pipelines. Many thanks for your patience and support so far. Here is the second update! Update 04/10/2021: Transcription of Rusty Quill Gaming is now with a professional transcription company and we have paid in full. So far this company has completed some great transcripts with a high degree of accuracy, and have formatted them to follow the template which we have designed to be a standard across all of our shows. Meanwhile, we have several completed transcripts in hand for Enthusigasm, with three more episodes in process with a professional transcription company. We are confident that Enthusigasm will have transcripts releasing alongside each episode, with separate versions for public and Patreon episodes due to the additional content for our Patrons. We have full transcripts for 76 episodes of Stellar Firma and 200 episodes of The Magnus Archives. Currently we are working to improve their accuracy, and then format them into our standard template. This is an extensive task, but will result in consistent, legible transcripts. We will update on the progress of adapting these show transcripts as we have updates to give. We will provide another update next week! Thanks again for your support, Rusty Quill Team

Transcript Mini Update Monday 27th of September 2021

Hello Folks, We recently committed to providing weekly updates on our progress on creating transcripts for our current backlog of shows and for future Rusty Quill content. We will endeavor to make these updates on Mondays both on our website and in the Patreon newsletter. Many thanks for your patience and support so far. Here is the first update! Transcript Update 27/09/2021: Work on the specific transcription of Rusty Quill Gaming has proved more complex than accounted for in earlier estimates we received and we have committed extra funds and resources to the transcription of this particular podcast. We are pleased to say that that this week we have received completed transcripts back for all newly completed episodes of the new Enthusigasm. These are now being checked internally ahead of the launch of the public show. We have also this past fortnight streamlined a process of sharing newly completed episodes with a transcription company using FTP servers for the efficient and secure sharing of large files. We will update you all again next week, The Rusty Quill Team

New brand and new business line marks new chapter for Rusty Quill

Today, we launch Rusty Quill Podcast Network. RQ Network is a podcast network by podcasters for podcasters, featuring creators outside of our regular docket of shows. As part of RQ Network, creators are offered distribution, marketing and advertising. Designed to champion the best in audio drama and audio fiction podcasting, RQ Network is an inclusive platform for new and diverse voices in the audio space. RQ Network launches May 10th with five free to listen audio drama podcasts, including: Cryptids, produced by Wild Obscura, Devin Shepherd, Gabriel Rosenstein and Nora Unkel. Written by Alexander V. Thompson. Directed by Devin Shepherd.  The Deca Tapes, written and directed by Lex Noteboom How It Ends, written and directed by Micah Jones Rodriguez and Stephanie Resendes Old Gods of Appalachia, a production of DeepNerd Media written and directed by Steve Shell and Cam Collins The Storage Papers, written and directed by Jeremy Enfinger “RQ Network will launch regular waves of content. This first wave is themed around cosmic horror, mystery and found footage… Future content waves seek to focus on comedy, action and more,” said Chief Marketing Officer Callum Dougherty “It has been a real labour of love pulling together a cohesive collection of the best audio drama content for your listening pleasure.” To celebrate the addition of RQ Network to business operations, we have also refreshed our branding. At the heart of the redesign is a reimagining of the Rusty Quill logo, now streamlined and animated, breathing new life into the brand just ahead of its sixth anniversary. We hired the exemplary services of Guerilla Communications, a Newcastle Upon Tyne-based design and marketing agency to realise the vision. “This rebrand showcases who Rusty Quill…

RQ Network: Introducing our new shows

This week, we launched the Rusty Quill Network. On RQ Network, we’ll be championing the very best in audio drama and audio fiction podcasting, while providing an inclusive platform for new and diverse voices in the audio space. The first wave of new shows coming under the Rusty Quill banner are themed around cosmic horror, mystery and found footage – so if you have a The Magnus Archives shaped hole in your podcast time, look no further. So, without further ado, let’s meet the shows. Cryptids Produced by Wild Obscrua, Devin Shepherd, Gabriel Rosenstein and Nora Unkel. Written by Alexander V. Thompson. Directed by Devin Shepherd Cryptids is a compelling supernatural mystery and science fiction audio drama podcast. It was nominated for Best Fiction Podcast by Discover Pods and Won an Audioverse Award for Best Environmental Sound Design at the Audioverse Awards 2020. It follows Eve, a paediatric hospice nurse, and Trevor, a late-night conspiracy radio show host. Eve listens to Trevor’s radio show during the long, late nights she spends working. She’s a true believer, but believing isn’t enough – Eve wants to prove that the conspiracies she believes are real. Drawn together by their shared beliefs, the pair go in search of the answer to an unanswerable question: what happens after we die? Their search for the afterlife leads to a discovery beyond their wildest nightmares – The Ones in Charge have their own plans for Trevor and Eve. Before they find the answers they seek, they’ll first meet monsters, aliens… and the ultimate grim reaper. The Deca Tapes Written and directed by Lex Noteboom The Deca Tapes is a found-footage mystery audio drama podcast with psychological thriller…

Announcing Rusty Fears 4 Winners!

As we continue the roll of bonus, post-series content for The Magnus Archives, there is one major task still outstanding, and that’s to announce the winning entries in this year’s installment of our horror short story writing competition, Rusty Fears 4: Feartile Ground! This year we asked you for your takes on one of four themes: An Animal’s Viewpoint A Curious Collection The Messenger Seeds of Doubt These themes certainly provided some fertile soil in which to cultivate your creative imaginations. Thank you to everyone who sent in stories and spread the word. We received 346 valid entries, which is nearly double that of Rusty Fears 3! To say that that narrowing these down to any kind of shortlist, let alone the winning entries, was extremely difficult is something of an understatement – the quality was super-high all round. However, after much deliberation and discussion, the judging panel has finally selected its set of four winners. This year’s judging panel involved: Hattie Quinlan Helen Gould Elizabeth Moffatt Anil Godigamuwe Their decision as to the winning entries… <<drumroll.wav>> CONGRATULATIONS go to: Anushka Mehrotra for Nazar Cecelia Morelli for New Roots Thekla Kenneison for The Budding Miranda B for The Final Culling These stories will now undergo the Rusty Quill treatment for a dramatic reading and broadcast. Stay tuned to The Magnus Archives feed to hear the final productions! And honourable mentions go to the following entries: Mo Farr – Anomalous Light Kj Amidon – Arrested Decay Holly Kybett Smith – Bewitched Chelsea Wood – Bitter Bloom Josefin Berntsson – Cutbacks Cleo Lockhart – Getaway Ezra Scherzo – “It.” Rose Hoult – It Will Be Nothing At First Hannah Elizabeth – Memento Mori Joseph Chaplain – Necrophoresis The Mantyf – Ownership Sarina H – Penumbra Phoebe Rendon-Nissenbaum – Playing Tricks Mariam Syed – The Green House fauxfox – You Make A Home

Rusty Gallery voting!

It’s voting time folks! That’s right, the winners of our community fanart contest, Rusty Gallery, are in your hands. We had over a hundred entries and narrowing them down to our shortlists certainly proved difficult with such fantastic talent on display. Thank you to everyone who submitted, it was a joy to see all the enthusiasm and love for our shows! After much consideration, a shortlist for each show has been determined… and efforts were so good that we’ve decided to expand the number of finalists in each category to 5 for Rusty Quill Gaming & Stellar Firma, and to 6 for The Magnus Archives. Below, you can find a list of the shortlisted entries for each category, along with the artist’s name and Twitter handle (where provided; clicking on the link or image will open the fanart full size), and then link to a voting form for each category below the gallery (voting form opens in a new tab). Please only vote once per category. Voting will be open until 1pm BST on Monday 5th April, 2021. Once we’ve contacted the winners, then we’ll announce the results on our social media. Good luck to all the nominees!   Rusty Quill Gaming Themes: Dover & The Channel / Rome (Ancient or Modern) / Japan A) Aaren (@DevilCerulean) – “The Crew of the Vengeance” B) cocoabats (@cocoabats) C) Kiera (@KieraW_S) D) Liv Collins (@livjnoodles) – “Cel’s Home” E) Merle (@_kubo_kubo_) – “Separated” Voting Form for Rusty Quill Gaming category: ————————————————————- The Magnus Archives Themes: Dreamer (MAG011) / The New Door (MAG047) / The Masquerade & Stranger and Stranger (MAG118-119) A) Becca Snow (@composerpolice) B) Cael Lyons (@kingcael) – “Eternal Sleep” C) Lee Banister (@d_banister) – “Helen’s Escape” D) Mariana Scherer (@schereeer) E) Ollie Morgen (@o_mrgn) F) SternStundenSpirale (@sternspirale) Voting Form…

Rusty Quill Company Census 2021

Rusty Quill has today published its first RQ Census, as part of our commitment outlined in the Operations Update last year. This document can be found Here Our goal is to be as transparent as is feasible to ensure that our intentions for the future of the business and its communities are clear to everyone. This is why we are releasing this document publicly. This census will also give us a benchmark to measure ourselves against for the future so that we can see how well we are fulfilling our core values of Opportunity, Representation, Community, Diversity, and Responsibility. We are extremely grateful to our employees for responding to our census and volunteering their information to be used for this document to help keep us accountable and transparent. We believe that diversity is never ‘done’. Humanity is boundless, and as such, we can never represent every experience in just one company; but we will continue to do our best. If you have any feedback you would like us to consider regarding this document, please feel free to send it to

Rusty Gallery – A Fanart Competition!

It’s competition time once again, and this one is for all you talented artists out there! We’re opening the doors to see what fantastic fanart you can create to share your enthusiasm and visions for all three of our current shows – the Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast, The Magnus Archives and Stellar Firma. With three merch prize packs up for grabs (one per show, see terms and conditions below), the competition runs from this Thursday 11th March to Sunday 28th March for you to get your designs, based on one of the below themes, in to us. We’ll then select the best entries to go forward to a public vote on our social media to determine the winners! In order to stimulate that creativity, we’re setting some episodic themes that your original fanart submission should be based on – with three options per show! Feel free to use the events and ideas of those episodes or arcs as your inspiration sees fit. The Magnus Archives Dreamer (MAG011) The New Door (MAG047) The Masquerade / Stranger & Stranger (MAG118-119) Rusty Quill Gaming Dover & The Channel Rome (present-day or ancient) Japan Stellar Firma Vents and Labyrinths (STL11) Planets and Protagonists (STL35) Cafés and Camouflage (STL51) Entries should be submitted to with the info required below. ———————————————————————————- RQ FANART COMPETITION: RUSTY GALLERY Terms & Conditions THE COMPETITION By participating in the RQ Fanart Competition, you agree to be bound by these Rules and by the interpretation of these rules by Rusty Quill Ltd. In order to enter the Competition, you must follow all of the Rules laid out here and your fanart submission(s) must meet the eligibility criteria.   PRIZES There will be…

Rusty Fears 4!

As we approach the end of The Magnus Archives, we can look back on nearly 5 years of creepy stories that have entertained and brought shivers to so many listeners. It’s safe to say that this era of podcasting has brought new life (or should that be unlife?) and new aficionados to the horror audio drama genre. And we would like to continue that trend by looking to showcase, once again, some of the best in new and undiscovered horror writing talent. Would you like to hear YOUR words on air? That’s right, folks, it’s time for Rusty Fears 4 – Feartile Ground! This writing competition has run to great success for the last three years, and we’re hoping to see even more amazing pieces come from the fertile ground of our listeners’ imaginations this time round. We are looking for the best, new, original short stories in the horror genre, from which we will pick a set of winners who will have their pieces read, produced and broadcast by us later this year on Rusty Quill’s feed for The Magnus Archives! This year, we would like to read your tales on one of the following themes, chosen by various folks at Rusty Towers: An Animal’s Viewpoint A Curious Collection The Messenger Seeds of Doubt How you choose to interpret these is up to you, but we’ll be on the lookout particularly for original takes and/or explorations of tropes that might be less well-known in traditional Western media. Links to previous winners can be found below, beneath the Terms & Conditions. This year’s competition will see 4 winners crowned, with each having their original horror short story produced and read out by members of the RQ…