Fanworks Friday!

It’s time to celebrate the #Magnus community here at Rusty Towers! To everyone out there listening and sharing the podcasts we put out – thank you so much! It’s thanks to you all that we’ve come so far, so quickly. And there are those of you who have taken further steps, writing reviews, crafting stories, putting together corkboards and forging new outlets for fans to come together and contribute to the conversations. Fandoms are built on these foundations and we’re so lucky to have these shiny, superb pieces. We start with the #Magnus wiki – a repository of all things statement-related, complete with timeline, for all your red string needs! Next up, don’t forget you can join up with other fans on the community proboards forums and a dedicated Magnus Archives subreddit. We’ve also been added to the hallowed rabbit hole that is TV Tropes. If you fancy some (mostly) fluffy reading, we are stoked to reveal that we actually have fanfic now! And, of course, there’s the tumblr community, who have been making some very astute observations as of late. Take a peek at: Centauri Anthropology Ook, Said the Librarian Vinegar Fairy Flame Sprite Where I Keep My Thinking Hat And for a dose of humour to wash down the horror, take a look at the surprisingly on-the-button, Incorrect Podcast Quotes. Hope you enjoy this trip around the #Magnus community – maybe it’ll inspire you to craft something too! Let us know if you do 🙂

Looking on

It’s time to open those boarded-up windows and let some air into the dusty stacks… For The Magnus Archives is now on YouTube! Hopefully The Archivist will approve of this extra level of backup for the statements. Welcome to the Rusty Quill YouTube channel where you’ll find, in time, original video content from the Rusty Towers crew as well as being a repository of our back catalogue for both The Magnus Archives and the Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast. The aim is to update weekly until we’re caught up with the current series and then release in step with the podcasts as they air. We are committed to bringing our content to as many platforms and channels as we can and YouTube is one of the biggest there is. We’re really looking forward to showcasing some video projects down the line and hopefully, with an ad-supported channel, we can get there a little bit quicker. So be sure to like, comment and subscribe to the channel – the more interest there is, the sooner we can have more juicy stuff flowing through them Internet pipes!

Helping out

Happy Tuesday everyone! No doubt the keen-eyed amongst you will have spotted the newest item to be installed in the foyer – a golden Donations box! Yes, the vaults of Rusty Towers are now open to accepting your donations to our continued running. Since the early days of Rusty Quill, some of you have asked if there were a way you could help out financially and now you can! After all, we’ve got to keep Hamid in the style to which he is accustomed. Rusty Quill currently runs by a lot of amazing people giving a lot of their time and efforts to produce interesting things (check out the Team page to see the current crew roster). And we’d really like to make sure that folk are appropriately compensated for this (both existing crew and any guests we bring in), as well as cover our operating costs and be able to expand our offerings. The Donate button is here to let you make one-off or occasional contributions so we carry on bringing you high-quality entertainment. We will have a Patreon offering coming soon as well, so if you’d like to help out on a regular basis (and get some nice backer rewards), you may care to wait for that. But whatever way you choose to contribute, know that everyone here at Rusty Towers is very grateful – you’re all fantastic! To donate or see other ways you can help us out, check out our Support page!

Welcome to our brand new website!

Welcome, one and all, Rusties and travellers alike, to the brand new Rusty Towers Foyer! As shiny as Bertie’s armour (but with less falcons) and as slick as one of Jane’s fattest children, consider this the welcoming atrium to Rusty Towers, where visitors can tarry awhile and partake of the entertaining fare we have to offer. We’re still putting the finishing touches to some of the decorations but this kicks off a whole slew of new and wonderful things we’re going to be bringing out over the course of the month! For you see, this month heralds the first anniversary of the launch of The Magnus Archives and what better way to celebrate than by giving out treats! So drop in here or look out for #MarchMagnus on social media to see what lurks in future mists…