Cal Dougherty

Dougherty, Cal

It has always been Callum’s goal to create, produce and support the growth of the myriad areas of media he loves. If it tells a story or can be played, he gets involved in a big way.

Not being satisfied to work in just one area, Callum is at once a Film, Theatre and Videogame producer (and all the variety that comes with that title and what it means to those differing industries). More generally, he specialises in marketing, finance, fundraising and new content. Callum believes it is an eye for amazing projects and an infectious passion for them which has led to his success.

Game designer. MA Post Graduate researcher into VR, theatre and fan communities. Secretly a train enthusiast.

Callum likes his board games as heavy and complicated as possible and his roleplaying games story driven and experimental. Makes himself a nuisance by convincing Hardcore and Metal bands to let him play synth on their records. Believes he is really good at both bowling and pinball despite all evidence to the contrary.


Ongoing projects as a producer with his company CUBIC7

Dorwin – A Robot Musical

Shida – the Musical

BINBAG an upcoming animated series

Now & Then – the Musical

Unworthy Life – A Sci-fi Action RPG for PC

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