Crew Testimonials

In light of recent opinions and discourse some of our crew wanted to share what it is like to work at Rusty Towers!

I have never worked at a company that so highly prioritises supporting its employees and their self-care, even in the face of hardship. [Full Statement]

Jess Anson

Personally, these people are not just my coworkers and bosses, they are my peers and my friends. The inside working spaces of RQ are friendly, open, communicative, funny, fun, and easily my favorite employer I’ve ever had. [Full Statement]

Annie Fitch

Rusty Quill is, by far, the most welcoming, most understanding and caring group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. [Full Statement]

Cathy Rinella

They mean what they say, and they had […] they supported me at my lowest. No other company I’ve worked for would have done that. That is who Rusty Quill is. [Full Statement]

Michelle Snow

We have a group of very neurodiverse, uniquely talented people who care deeply for one another and the projects we make. [Full Statement]

April Sumner

I’ve found nothing but support from everyone as I’ve navigated growing as an amateur audio editor, as a student, and as a person. I won’t claim that Rusty Quill is perfect—there have been hurdles and there have been mistakes. I’m sure there will be more in the future. But one thing I stand by is that everyone Rusty Quill is constantly striving for improvement and always willing to listen to any problems. RQ encourages growth and learning and support, and management reflects those qualities back at us. [Full Statement]

Tessa Vroom

I’ve been working with Rusty Quill in some capacity since 2018, and honestly, they’ve been some of most caring, decent, and talented colleagues I’ve ever had. I’ve been lucky enough to work directly with folks from all the departments, and I’m constantly impressed with everyone’s dedication. [Full Statement]

Helen Gould