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Cryptids is a compelling supernatural mystery and science fiction audio drama podcast. It was nominated for Best Fiction Podcast by Discover Pods and Won an Audioverse Award for Best Environmental Sound Design at the Audioverse Awards 2020.
It follows Eve, a paediatric hospice nurse, and Trevor, a late-night conspiracy radio show host. Eve listens to Trevor’s radio show during the long, late nights she spends working. She’s a true believer, but believing isn’t enough – Eve wants to prove that the conspiracies she believes are real. Drawn together by their shared beliefs, the pair go in search of the answer to an unanswerable question: what happens after we die?

Their search for the afterlife leads to a discovery beyond their wildest nightmares – The Ones in Charge have their own plans for Trevor and Eve. Before they find the answers they seek, they’ll first meet monsters, aliens… and the ultimate grim reaper.

Written and created by Alexander V. Thompson

Produced by Wild Obscura, Devin Shepherd, Gabriel Rosenstein, and Nora Unkel

Directed by Devin Shepherd

Cryptids Official Website