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Enthusigasm Enthusigasm is a light-hearted podcast hosted by our very own Helen Gould.

Join Helen each week in our brand new chat show from Rusty Quill, exploring the hobbies and interests of creators from across the podcasting and new media world.

Enthusigasm is a light hearted roundtable chat show where each week and each new group of eclectic guests brings their own unique energy and insight to a varied array of topics. Where there is guaranteed to be a topic to everyone’s taste.

You can expect this podcast to jump right from nerdy deep dives straight in to irreverent spicy takes and on to academic insight or half remembered facts.

This is a show where laughter is guaranteed to ensue while we cover everything from pets and pirates to magic and monsters, diving deep into why people enjoy them and what’s so great about each topic.

You’ll enjoy a unique and varied vibe between episodes and topics while you get to know both established and new creators from podcasters, to YouTubers, to game designers and beyond.

Enthusigasm covers various pop culture topics such as Wrestling, Lord of The Rings, Trash TV, Horror, Baking, Marvel and more.

Directed and hosted by Helen Gould

Edited by Marisa Ewing, Tessa Vroom, Catherine Rinella and Jeffrey Nils Gardner

Produced by Lowri Ann Davies

Executive Producers: Alexander J Newall and April Sumner

Recurring cast: Anil Godigamuwe, Elizabeth Moffat, Nico Vettese, April Sumner, Lowri Ann Davies, Martyn Pratt, Jonathan Sims, Alasdair Stuart, Tai Lawson, Annie Fitch, Imogen Harris, Lydia Nicholas, Cal Dougherty, Hannah Preisinger, Marisa Ewing, Bryn Monroe, Mike LeBeau, Maddy Searle, Tessa Vroom, Sasha Sienna and Frank Voss

Music by Samuel DF Jones

Extended Episodes and the Enthusigasm Pilot Season is available on Patreon.

New episodes every Monday and Friday