Helen Gould


Helen plays Azu on the Rusty Quill Gaming podcast and also did the voiceover for Outliers.

When she’s not taking part in shenanigans with the team, she lives in London where she arranges interesting words into poems, fiction, the occasional game, and lots of talks about the sociopolitical impact of various forms of media (you can read the transcripts here). She’s also a professional copywriter and editor, but that’s probably not the part you’re interested in.

Helen likes tabletop roleplay gaming (obviously), the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fan fiction, horror films, singing songs, talking politics, writing poetry, books, dogs, the ocean, and various combinations of the above. One day you’ll find her singing revolution songs on the beach with a Labrador and a good book.

If you really want to get to know her, you can find her on Twitter @Alecto101.