Helen Gould’s Testimonial

I’ve been working with Rusty Quill in some capacity since 2018, and honestly, they’ve been some of most caring, decent, and talented colleagues I’ve ever had. I’ve been lucky enough to work directly with folks from all the departments, and I’m constantly impressed with everyone’s dedication.

As Head of Inclusion, I’m also really proud that whenever I’ve delivered workshops or shared resources, people have been eager to learn and engage with the topics – even the difficult ones.

I also know that in terms of the DEI space, I’m in a really unique position in that I don’t ever have to convince senior leadership of the importance of my role. I’ve literally said “here are my plans for us in the next few years” and the response has basically always been “great, go for it!”. I’m really grateful for that, and for the trust they have placed in me.

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