How It Ends

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“Sometimes dreams are not dreams at all. They’re memories.”

How It Ends is a character driven suspense audio drama with themes of grief, dreams, memory and mystery. It received multiple nominations for the 2019 Audioverse Awards.

Micah Jones suffers from night terrors and a frightening recurring dream since her father, Nolan, died suddenly when she was nine. With the help of her friends, Devon Williams and Elia Cabral, Micah starts a podcast to explore her nightmares, hoping to set her troubled mind at ease. But then, information surrounding her father’s death and a terrifying event from her past sends Micah and her friends down a path that proves secrets never stay buried and dreams can unlock the truth.

And Micah’s nightmare? She always wakes up before it ends. So – this is How It Ends.

Written and directed by Stephanie Resendes and Micah Rodriguez

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