Inclusivity, recent allegations on social media and additional updates

As we have said many times, we strive to be a safe and inclusive environment for all staff and for our audience. However, we are all only humans continuously learning to do better and there have been times where we have mis-stepped. You can find our previous statement on concerns with problematic content within our shows here:

You may also have seen allegations of discriminatory behaviour within the company. These are currently being thoroughly investigated with full cooperation from everyone involved. We cannot say much more on this topic due to legal requirements for confidentiality, but we do wish to make it clear that before these accusations on social media, we have had no knowledge of any allegations of anyone being deliberately or systemically racist, ableist, or transphobic towards any of our staff members.

Some of you may know that Helen Gould is our Head of Inclusion. They have been and still are working on a suite of workshops and training for cast and crew, in addition to curating an ongoing document on harmful stereotypes and tropes.

So far the workshops that she has delivered for the Rusty Quill crew have focused on content warnings and sensitivity awareness. He also gave a training session on unconscious bias in hiring to leadership which has led to company-wide improvements on hiring procedures. Future workshops are to include subjects such as intersectionality, privilege, and diversity in the workplace. In addition, he has been negotiating with third-party sensitivity consultation agencies to ensure that all future shows have dedicated, relevant consultants involved from the get-go.

They would like to make it clear that all of these plans (and many others that have not been mentioned here) have been in process for some time, and that fans with concerns about sensitivity are always welcome to email to get in touch with them.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that Helen’s work will be assisted by Anil Godigamuwe who is now taking a position as our Chief of Compliance responsible for reviewing and maintaining our internal processes from a legal and operational standpoint.

Additional updates on content going forward

Due to the knock-on effects of the events of the past week, we are temporarily suspending RQ Streams throughout September.

We are currently exploring options to ensure proper compensation for all Twitch moderators but we ask for everyone’s patience as we try to find a new sustainable strategy for this. We may elect to extend the suspension or take other related actions depending on how this process goes.

Additionally we are delaying the launch of our new podcast Enthusigasm by two weeks. This decision has been made primarily as a precaution against any further unforeseeable delays relating to our Transcription procedures. We will only launch this new show when we can guarantee it will have full transcripts for all episodes at point of release. We will provide a revised release schedule for the show a.s.a.p.

Finally, all other content releases are expected to continue as normal. We will provide further updates via Patreon and social media if this situation changes.

In Summary

We have heard the concerns raised by the community and are taking every step we can to address them in a considered and responsible way.

There will be more updates over the next few weeks as we are able to provide more information on various points but for now please accept our sincere apologies for any hurt caused and we thank you for taking the time to read these updates.

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