Jess Anson’s Testimonial

From my perspective, this has been a difficult few months for a number of reasons, both internally and on an industry-wide scale, but through it all, I was supported wholeheartedly by management and fellow employees alike. Even when factors beyond RQ’s control have made for a more difficult work environment, the team and management have rallied together and looked after each other. This, in my experience, is true of the company culture in general. I have never worked at a company that so highly prioritises supporting its employees and their self-care, even in the face of hardship.

The statements made in the article regarding poor treatment of employees by the RQ team surprised me, as they do not at all reflect my personal experiences working as a part of it. It’s absolutely not my intention to discredit other’s reports of their experiences here, and if what they say has been the case, I certainly don’t take it lightly, but I at least want to put forward that it isn’t that way across the board. I have always felt respected, supported and listened to by management. Similarly, the RQ team is built of wonderful people who are kind, enthusiastic and smart enough to know when to walk away if they are being mistreated. The RQ staff retention rate speaks to this not being the case, as I can personally attest to.

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