Lydia Nicholas

Nicholas, Lydia

Lydia likes rules, playing and making games and testing new ones, and working out how you get rules to come together to make a story or an experience. Sometimes she likes using rules to get up on stage and improvise stuff with her friends, working out how to get rules to help you tell stories and make people laugh.

She likes learning about rules so much she works as an anthropologist of technology, researching how we decide what matters on the internet and in science.

She likes studying people playing Minecraft or hacking a poor unsuspecting microbe’s DNA and working out what kinds of rules they use to decide what’s fun, what’s alive and what’s important.

She likes learning about stuff that breaks and blurs rules, so looks for science-fiction that plays with different kinds of genders, humanities, brains, bodies and being. She owns a few too many puppets.

She also spends too much time roasting meat and dancing to music that sounds like a spaceship crashing into a squeaky toy and not enough reading.

Lydia gets excited about the future and technology and everything over on twitter @lydnicholas