The Magnus Archives – Episode 5 – Thrown Away

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The Magnus Archives – Horror Fiction Podcast – Episode 5 – Thrown Away


Case #0092302

Statement of Keiran Woodward, regarding items recovered from the refuse of 93 Lancaster Rd, Walthamstowe.

Kieran Woodward is a refuse collector for Waltham Forest Council On an undisclosed date he and his crew found a bag of doll heads in a bin bag outside 93 Lancaster Road, Walthamstow. The heads appeared as though they had been dragged across rough concrete. Alan Parfitt was greatly amused by this he and his fellow binmen kept an eye out on the house afterwards.

A few months later they found another strange bag outside #93. This bag was full of long strips of paper, about 1 inch across, with the Lord’s Prayer written on and singed slightly on the edges….

“Make your statement, face your fear.”

The Magnus Archives is a horror fiction podcast that first appears as an anthology of creepy stories that soon evolves a complex narrative spanning 160 episodes to date! The plot, production and acting have been praised by fans and critics alike!

This episode was written and performed by Jonathan Sims

Directed and produced by Alexander J Newall

Music by Samuel DF Jones

New episodes every Thursday!

This episode was first released back in 2016!

The Magnus Archives is now an award winning podcast about to launch our fifth season.


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