Michelle Snow’s Testimonial

I’ve done work for Rusty Quill as an audio editor on Enthusigasm, Stellar Firma, Outliers and Patreon stuff. That Medium post doesn’t match my experience of working there.

Hell, mine was the exact opposite. I lost my mind in 2020. I started slipping, missing more deadlines. I told HR what was going on, and I was legit expecting to be let go. They didn’t. They gave me a sabbatical and kept in touch throughout, going above and beyond.

I have never worked for a company that would have done that. I can’t overstate how much they helped me. The crap going around, I can’t comment on specifically but here’s the truth: Rusty Quill are the best employer I’ve ever had. They mean what they say, and they had every right to let me go. They didn’t, and instead they supported me. That Medium post… just doesn’t track with my experiences Rusty haven’t told me to write this, right now I’m not really doing any work for them as my hours got reduced.

I’m speaking because they supported me at my lowest. No other company I’ve worked for would have done that. That is who Rusty Quill is.

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