Multi-Talented Industry Names Joining Rusty Quill Originals Team

Rusty Quill’s Production team have been working tirelessly over the summer to band together some of the hottest talents in the industry for our latest Rusty Quill Original productions. We are well underway on the pre-production of Trice Forgotten, a nautical epic celebrating scientists of colour on their ocean adventures, and Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later, a Roman comedy of errors examining power and its mismanagement.

So without further ado, lets meet some of the team!

Trice Forgotten and Cry Havoc Talent Announcement Square Images

Introducing For Team Trice Forgotten

Nemo Martin (They/Them) – Creator and Lead Writer

Nemo Martin Headshot

Nemo Martin is a writer and freelance theatremaker. Their debut play [The Cobbled Streets of Geneva] won an Origins Award for outstanding new writing and their first collaborative musical ASIAN PIRATE MUSICAL sold out at VAULT Festival 2020. They are doing a PhD on the formulation of race and gender in 19th century French literature, they daylight as a fish photographer for the Natural History Museum in London and above all else, they are an ardent advocate for happy endings.

Speaking about Trice Forgotten, Nemo said:
“The nautical epic genre has always glorified colonial natural history endeavours where race, gender, science and power continue to be deeply entwined. It was important to me to write Trice Forgotten as an ode to nineteenth-century gender non-conforming scientists of colour so that we celebrate the exploits and achievements of those continually made forgotten. I hope that curiosity and passion for research are ignited by this anti-colonial epic; and that people are as excited as me for the weird fish facts, pirate heists and high-octane sea-monster quests!”

Morgan D. Givens (He/Him/They) – Director

Morgan Givens

Morgan Givens is a storyteller, writer and audio producer based in Washington, DC. His stories have been performed live for NPR’s Invisibilia and numerous times on The Moth’s mainstage. Named one of Variety’s storytellers to watch in 2021, he’s also the creator of the award winning and critically acclaimed show, Flyest Fables.

Introducing For Team Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later

David K. Barnes (He/Him) – Creator and Lead Writer

David K Barnes Headshot

David K. Barnes is a writer and script consultant, best known as the creator of the critically acclaimed podcast sitcom WOODEN OVERCOATS. The fourth and final season will be released in early 2022. Other audio credits include DOCTOR WHO (Big Finish), DRAYTON TRENCH (Wireless Theatre), OUTLIERS (Historic Royal Palaces & Rusty Quill), UNSEEN (Long Story Short), and the award-winning DISCOVERY ADVENTURES (Cecilia.FM). Consultancy includes productions for Audible, BBC Sounds and Hat Trick Productions.

When asked about Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later, David said:
“I want to make a series that dramatises this incredible decade of Roman history in a way that nobody has done before. I want it to be enthralling, funny, very entertaining, and I want it to be focused on the bits that other texts tend to miss out, from Shakespeare to HBO’s Rome. I don’t care about the armies on the battlefield hacking each other to bits, or the gladiators in the arena fighting for their lives, or even lunatic emperors fiddling while the city burns. I want it to be about a stressed-out bunch of people trying to make decisions and screwing them up royally. It’s history – but not quite as you know it.”

Amani Zardoe (She/Her) – Director

Amani Zardoe

“Amani’s short films have screened at national and international film festivals where they’ve been nominated or won awards in the major categories, her focus is on ethnically diverse, female focused stories that look at alienation and what happens when we hunger for more. In 2020 and again in 2021 Amani developed and directed Mountview Academy’s BA Actors’ graduating short film projects. In her personal projects. You can find out more about Amani’s past projects at

Amani is thrilled to be joining the team on ‘Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later’.”

Further Team And Cast for Trice Forgotten and Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later

We will be sharing further Cast and Crew at a later date, so for now, please join us in welcoming these four fantastic creators to Rusty Towers, and we will keep folks posted on developments!

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