Old Gods of Appalachia

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“In the shadows of this Alternate Appalachia, digging too deep into the mines was just the first mistake.”

Old Gods of Appalachia Old Gods of Appalachia is a horror-anthology podcast. It won multiple 2020 Audioverse Awards, including New Storytelling Production, Writing of a New Storytelling Production, Storyteller in a New Storytelling Production, Performance of a Leading Role in a New Audio Play Production, Environmental Sound Design in a New Production and Vocal Composition in a New Production.

In the mountains of central Appalachia, blood runs as deep as these hollers and just as dark. Since before our kind knew these hills, hearts of unknowable hunger and madness have slumbered beneath them. These are the oldest mountains in the world. How dare we think we can break the skin of a god and dig out its heart without bringing forth blood and darkness?

Written and performed by Steve Shell and Cam Collins

Produced by DeepNerd Media

Edited by Steve Shell

Music by Blood On The Harp, Landon Blood, Those Poor Bastards

New episodes every Other Thursday!

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