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Rusty Quill company News

Rusty Quill signs with WME in podcast industry first

The Magnus Archives

The Magnus Archives Debuts New Logo and Trailer

RQ Streams

RQ Streams Press Release 1 25/01/2020


Outliers Season 2 Press Kit 05/11/2019

Reviews and Pull Quotes

“It’s hard not to love The Magnus Archives.”
Kirstie Landry – Screen Rant

“…you only need to listen to one episode to become hooked, waiting every week for a new episode to draw you further in to the depths of the archive.”
Catriona Harvey-Jenner – Cosmopolitan

“With its vast catalog of horrors and excellent production values, The Magnus Archives has something for everyone.”
Caitlin PenzeyMoog, Clayton Purdom, Baraka Kaseko, and Emily L. Stephens – AV CLUB

“Sim’s crisp voice, and the largely minimalist production, lend the stories an eerie, creeping dread that speaks to just how powerful a well-acted tale can truly be.”
Bryan Bishop and Andrew Liptak – The Verge

“You’ll go into an episode about a scary doll, for instance, thinking, “Oh, this is silly”–but by the time the episode’s ended, you’ll be avoiding the toy aisle next time you hit up Target.”
Wil Williams – Discover Pods

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